About us

We know your tools and pipeline – Unity, Unreal, or your custom engine. No matter what source control system you use or what you’re deploying your game to, we’re ready for it.

In the last five years, we’ve shipped dozens of games on mobile, web, Switch, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for VR.

We’re a truly collaborative team, each bringing our strengths, passions and specializations to every project. We depend on each other, riff of each other’s ideas, and deliver exceptional results for our clients – at the same cost as a single person.

What we do

  • Full service audio production
  • Technical Sound Design / Implementation
  • Music
  • Sound Effects / Original Sound Design

We’ve worked with Level Curve on several projects in the past and had the absolute pleasure of working with them again on A Mortician’s Tale. They are a team made up of incredibly talented individuals, who are all professional, and worked quickly and efficiently within our schedule to help us bring our little game about death to life. I would absolutely recommend them to any game studio or indie developer.

Gabby DaRienzo, co-founder and artist

Laundry Bear Games

Level Curve is our go-to audio house. They have the talent, tools and knowledge needed to deliver awesome audio for our VR projects.

Kathryn Rawson, head of content

Secret Location


Super Crush KO

Vertex Pop

Coming soon!


Full service audio production


Transitional Forms

Coming soon!


Full service audio production


Technical sound design by Matt Miller

Music by Robby Duguay


Axon Interactive

Aug 2019

World of Peppa Pig

Secret Location

Dec 2016

Don’t Wake The Night


Jun 2019


Stitch Media

Coming soon!


Technical Sound Design / Implementation

Long Story

Bloom Digital

Mar 2014


Adam Hines Kyle Dwyer

May 2014

Solar Chaos

Solid Roots Studios

Feb 2014

Arcade Skidaddle


Jul 2015

Save the Camp!

The Learning Partnership

Dec 2016

Welcome to Wacken

Secret Location

Mar 2017

Zoo Escape 2

Sibling Rivalry Games

Feb 2018

Melee Spaceship


Apr 2016

Kim Magikal

D. Marty

Jan 2017

The Big Con

Mighty Yell

Coming soon!


Sound Effects / Original Sound Design Technical Sound Design / Implementation

Sushi Go

Lummox Labs

Sep 2016

VUSR (3D video CMS)

Secret Location

Oct 2017

A Mortician’s Tale

Laundry Bear Games

Oct 2017

Solace State

Vivid Foundry

Coming soon!

The Mattress of St. Dundas

The Really Serious Game Company

Coming soon!


Full service audio production


Reptoid Games Walkin Games

Nov 2016


Rocket 5 Studios Cartoon Network

Dec 2014


Secret Location

Nov 2018


Full service audio production


Music by Robby Duguay

Sound design by Matt Miller



May 2017


Digital Howard

Jul 2017

Loud on Planet X

Pop Sandbox

Apr 2016

Fate Tectonics

Golden Gear Games

Sep 2015

Mondo Museum

Viewport Games

Coming soon!


Sound Effects / Original Sound Design


Sound design by Jen Costa

Sound design by Matt Miller

Knight and Damsel


Aug 2015


Laundry Bear Games

Jul 2015

Great Martian War

Secret Location

Nov 2013

Make it Count

Nick Ng-a-Fook

Mar 2013

Jimmy Jimbo: Big Zoo Fun

Happy Hyper Productions

Feb 2013

Later Daters

Bloom Digital

Coming soon!


Full service audio production


Audio direction by Robby Duguay

Music by Veda Hille

We Are Doomed

Vertex Pop

Apr 2015


Robby Duguay

Creative Director

Robby Duguay is a game composer based in Toronto, Canada. He writes in a wide range of styles, and is known for his work on Graceful Explosion Machine, Fate Tectonics, The World of Peppa Pig, and We Are Doomed.

He also teaches Digital Sound for Games for the Sheridan College Game Design degree program. He credits his love for crafting game music to long hours spent in JRPGs and his technical music background to his time studying at Arts Canterbury in Ottawa. Today, Robby spends much of his time working closely with groups like the Toronto Media Arts Cluster, Gamma Space and Dames Making Games, and he is passionate about supporting a positive and respectful community for game developers.

Halina Heron

Composer, Production Assistant

Halina Heron is a songweaver and occasional sound designer based in Vancouver, BC - known for haunting the soundtracks of The Yawhg, Moon Hunters, The Beginner’s Guide, and more recently, A Mortician’s Tale.

After experimenting with sound design on I Am Dead Where Are My Keys, Halina has since worked on Spoolside, The World of Peppa Pig, and the upcoming Don’t Wake the Night.

Matt Miller

Technical Sound Designer

Matt is a composer and sound designer for games, film and TV, based in Toronto, Canada. His compositions are often sound design driven, calling on a range of source materials including analog and digital synthesis, electric and acoustic instruments, handmade devices and found sounds. His music and sound design have been used for background scores, promos and special effects for TV and film trailers in the U.S., Canada and across the globe.

Matt’s recent game projects include sound design and implementation for Secret Location’s VR bullet hell game, Blasters of the Universe; sound design and implementation for Reptoid Games’ action-adventure game, Fossil Hunters; and composer for Numizmatic’s upcoming action board game, Light Fingers.

Matt also teaches Game Audio Design as a part-time professor at the School of Media and Performing Arts at George Brown College. He continues to produce library music when time permits, most recently for the Universal Music/FirstCom imprint, Darkfly.

Jen Costa

Sound Designer

Jen has worked in various creative industries such as Radio, TV, Film and Video Games. She currently works as a freelance Sound Designer for Video Games. Recent game projects include the IGF-nominated A Mortician’s Tale and the upcoming action board game Light Fingers.

Jen also works as a mobile game Producer at Uken Games and a part-time professor at Sheridan College.

Jen is a lifelong Video Game, Comics, and Film fan and is interested in the way these mediums provide innovative experiences that can help push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. She is a proud member of Dames Making Games and an enthusiastic member of the Toronto games community.

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